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21. April 2011 10:27
by m

Banned James Bond Commentaries

21. April 2011 10:27 by m | 0 Comments

Shortly after releasing the first 3 James Bond films (Dr. NoDr. No, From Russia With LoveFrom Russia With Love, and GoldfingerGoldfinger) on Laserdisc in a 2-disc CAV format in 1991, Criterion was asked by EON Productions (Producers of the James Bond Films) to recall all unsold Laserdisc product.

Producer Albert R. Broccoli felt that the audio commentary tracks on the 3 titles where unacceptable.

The three Bond Films were pulled from the shelves and later re-packaged by Criterion into a single disc CLV Format, and re-issued without any of the supplemental features. Furthermore, when MGM released their DVD version of these first three James Bond classics, they contained different audio commentaries than their predecessors on laserdisc, which this time were approved prior to distribution. These editions also included a Music and Effects only track for Dr. NoDr. No and GoldfingerGoldfinger. Now, the original 2-disc Criterion versions can go for big bucks on Ebay. I was lucky enough to obtain a copy of these discs and extract these rare commentary tracks which I present here for bond fans everywhere to download free and enjoy. I'd like to thank Fanfiltration for preserving these great special features.


[audio src="Dr-No-Criterion-banned-laserdisc-Commentary-track.mp3"]

MP3 is 50 MB or Download the banned Criterion Dr. No laserdisc Commentary as AC3 (149 MB)

Download the Music and Effects only track for Dr. No Mp3 (136 MB) / AC3 (149 MB)


[audio src="From-Russia-With-Love-Banned-Criterion-laserdisc-Commentary-track.mp3"]

MP3 is 52 MB or  Download the banned Criterion From Russia With Love Commentary as AC3 (156 MB)


[audio src="Goldfinger-Criterion-laserdisc-Commentary-track.mp3"]

MP3 is 50 MB or Download the banned Criterion Goldfinger Commentary as AC3 (149 MB)

Download the Music and Effects track for Goldfinger MP3 (139 MB) / AC3 (149 MB)

Read more about these commentaries on HMSS Weblog.

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